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AI/Hub Durham College

Artificial intelligence or AI is ever more prevalent in today’s digital age. The opportunities for discovery and innovation grow daily. Learn how you can engage with AI at Durham College’s AI Hub. From Tech Talks to AI Course to Conferences, AI Hub has many different aspects to help build and grow awareness in the Artificial intelligence field.

ENABLE AI 2020 – Smart Communities

ENABLE AI 2020 – Smart Communities

Following the success of Enable AI 2019, the students at Durham College’s AI/Hub are proud to present Enable AI 2020. This year’s theme will focus on Smart Communities and examine how AI is being used in Durham region and across Ontario to deliver government, social, educational and industry services to the public and private sectors. Leaders from various municipalities, associations and industries from our 300 organizations will meet at Enable AI 2020 to explore various topics.

June 5th, 2020