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South Simcoe Startup

South Simcoe Community StartUp is a non-profit social enterprise. We are a catalyst for entrepreneurs, town councils and all stakeholders in the Simcoe area to come together and develop a business community that supports and enriches the success of small businesses and startups. Our vision is to create a community for entrepreneurs, startups, home-based and small business owners to help and encourage one another. By building our businesses on our own the struggle becomes that much greater, but by working together and supporting local businesses when and where we can, as a group, we all achieve a higher level of success

Ignite Your Revenue Growth – Empowered by Your Money!

Ignite Your Revenue Growth – Empowered by Your Money!

This is a two-hour interactive workshop that will focus on the key components of making money in your business.  You will participate in an environment what will foster sharing through guided discussions with other business owners and thought-provoking exercises that will ignite your revenue growth.

October 17th, 2019