HR Workshop - Succession Planning: Assessing and Developing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Success! - Oct 22

October 22nd, 2020 @ 9:00am EST - 10:00am EST

HR Workshop - Succession Planning: Assessing and Developing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Success! - Oct 22
About this event

Join us on Thursday, Oct 22 to learn from Andrea Bisenberger of Durham HR Solutions on the topic of Succession Planning: Assessing and Developing Today’s Talent for Tomorrow’s Success!


Content Overview:


The benefits of succession planning are vast and include increased employee engagement, reduced disruption from unplanned job vacancies, and improving overall business profitability. Assessing your talent gives you a clear line of sight to competency strengths and gaps (both individual and organizational) and succession planning enables you to identify internal successors for critical roles.  Both of these processes enable you to proactively manage your talent, be deliberate in your training strategy and proactively build the workforce you need to support the future goals and growth of your organization.


Event Details
Date: Thursday, October 22
Time: 9:00am – 10:00am
Location: Online – Details will be sent upon registration


What You Will Learn

  • Strategies for assessing talent and understanding strengths, gaps, and development opportunities
  • How to identify critical jobs in your organization and identify internal successors
  • The value of promoting from within and cross functional talent sharing
  • Tools and resources that will enhance your development practices so your managers and employees grow their skills faster and more effectively


Who Will Benefit:

  • Business owners or senior leaders
  • Any People Leaders or Human Resources Managers wanting to get a better understanding of assessing talent and the value of succession planning

About Andrea Bisenberger

Andrea is a vibrant woman who has a genuine passion for helping drive business forward through HR initiatives. With over 20 years as a strategic HR Leader and Coach for manufacturing, sales and retail, she chose to work for Durham HR Solutions to bring her knowledge and passion to a variety of companies here in Durham and Northumberland. Andrea’s strengths lie in building partnerships with leaders to establish HR as a vital pillar of the business. 

Andrea is also not your typical ‘HR personality’. She is funny, yet practical, a driver and yet still objective. She is there to listen, listen some more, and keep looking until she understands the underlying issues and where to start finding key solutions no matter the simplicity or complexity at hand. HR in 2020 is about several key pillars that lead to a successful business: workplace culture, hiring the best talent, engaging the workforce and retaining the right people to drive success. It is within these deliverables that Andrea is able to increase production, increase profit and mitigate risk, in turn saving companies substantial sums of money with minimal upfront cost. Improving both sides of the business – profitability and the happiness of employees – is what gets Andrea up in the morning; she loves that every day she is changing lives. 


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Spark Centre - Online
October 22nd, 2020 @ 9:00am EST - 10:00am EST
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