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Spark Centre - LinkedIn & CRM Workshop - December 5th
December 6th, 2019 @ 9:00am EST - 4:00pm EST
Spark Centre - LinkedIn & CRM Workshop - December 5th

Spark Centre Event Room

2 Simcoe Street South Suite 300
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 8C1
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Spark Centre - LinkedIn & CRM Workshop - December 5th

Spark Centre Event Room

2 Simcoe Street South Suite 300
Oshawa, Ontario L1H 8C1
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Rick McCutcheon, Certified Sales Professional, will be joining us at Spark Centre on December 5th for a full day of training on two topics: Planning for CRM Success, and Social Networking for Success - LinkedIn for Business. These sessions have a value of $395.00 per person.


Morning Session: Planning for CRM Success - 9:00AM - 11:30AM

Customer Relationship Management is the business philosophy that lets you know your customers better, share information more thoroughly, and interact more completely. In business this can only be achieved through the integration of people, business processes, and the use of CRM technology. This session shows you a step by step game plan on how to successfully implement CRM strategies, technologies and processes into your business. 


This is a non-technical session designed for business professionals on how to plan and implement CRM strategies. It is based on the integration of the best practices in business processes, people skills development and CRM technology.


Afternoon Session: Social Networking for Success - LinkedIn for Business - 1:00PM - 4:00PM

Leveraging the right approach to social selling is like having a customized blueprint for business success. In this workshop we will look at how to fully leverage the power of LinkedIn - the “Social Platform of Choice” for Business Professionals - to grow your professional network.


This workshop will demonstrate how to leverage LinkedIn to be seen as an "Industry Thought Leader", how to grow your business network, and create an effective public portfolio. You will get professional recommendations and learn how to generate a limitless supply of business contacts and referrals.


Event Details

Event Date: December 5th
Time: 9:00AM-4:00PM
Location: Spark Centre Event Room - 2 Simcoe Street South, Unit 300, Oshawa Ontario
(CIBC Building)
Parking: Street Parking: $1.25/hour
Cost: $395 value; $100 for a ticket 

About the Facilitator

Background on Rick McCutcheon, CRM MVP, CSP - Certified Sales Professional


Rick currently leads a CRM and Sales Process Coaching Practice. He is an expert in Sales Productivity, Social Selling and CRM. Rick has been involved with the CRM Industry since 1991 as a Company Founder, Senior Executive, Reseller, Board Member, Educator, Consultant and Professional Speaker. He holds the Certified Sales Professional Designation and is the creator of the Full Contact Selling (FCS) Methodology.


Rick is a much sought after speaker and workshop leader drawing on his personal experience working with CRM and Sales Force Automation initiatives. He has delivered his practical yet innovative messages on Improved Sales Performance to thousands of business professionals ranging from the SMB Marketplace to Major International Corporations.  


Rick also served on the Board of Directors for the Canadian Professional Sales Association (24,000 members). He served as the Association’s Advisor on Technology and as the Vice-Chairman of the Sales Institute, the governing committee forthe Certified Sales Professional (CSP) Designation in Canada.